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elemental legal is a specialist firm in media and entertainment law.

We work in film, TV, broadcast, theatrical, gaming, print, online and other emerging platforms/genres. We provide legal services on all things screen including options, cast & crew contracts, IP,  funding, development, production, post-production, impact partnerships, distribution, sales, exhibition and promotion.

The firm provides a full producer’s rep, legal and production consultancy service to content makers in the screen industry. This covers development, audience markets identification, contract negotiations, due diligence of contracts and closing

With an unparalled wealth of experience, contacts and networks in media law and screen production, we are able to provide specialised commercial and legal advice on development, production and post-production of content, exhibition and sales, as well as impact producing.

We can advise on international co-productions with countries like China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Europe, Middle East and Americas.

Like many other firms, we can also assist our clients in other practice areas including commercial, property, immigration, not-for-profit and other incorporated societies.



Diversity is a fundamental value. We are inclusive and welcome everyone. We support our clients with services like language interpretation where required.


There must be mutual respect between clients and our firm. Such respect affirms a policy of transparency, honesty and courtesy between the parties.

Integrity and Transparency

Transparency between the firm and clients is essential to ensure all parties are held accountable. The firm believes that integrity is a key stone in or relationship.

Professional and Personal

Each client requires tailored and individual attention. We value each and every client and are committed to providing professional service


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