Our experience in property means we can assist the first time buyer, the Mum & Dad investor, the property developer and others seeking that extra advice and attention when buying property. Buying property is a big investment and you need to know that your interests are being looked after.

From checking the title, drafting an agreement, advising on terms and conditions, assisting with your due diligence, resolving problems, attending to formalising your financial arrangements, attending to settlement and any other matters that may come up, we have over 30 years of experience.

We can assist in making sure your residential sale and purchase occurs as smoothly as possible. We draft and review sale and purchase agreements, assist you with advising you on your conditions, ownership, finance and settlement as well as any ensuing negotiations.

We are familiar with commercial property sale and purchases and can provide you with the same range of services as with residential transactions with the added attention to any commercial aspects as well.

Our development experience includes working on negotiating, developing and operationalising building contracts, apartment developments, land and house builds, sub-divisions, drafting encumbrances, easements and other land use covenants, drafting Body Corporate rules and settling sales.