Trusts, Wills and Estates

It is important to ensure that you manage your assets in the best possible way during your lifetime. It may be appropriate for you to consider holding your assets in a trust and we will together with your accountant, assist you to set up a trust that best suits you. Wills and asset protection plans have significant impact on family, finance and lifestyle.

We have a professional trustee company to provide you with a independent professional trustee.

However, it is not enough to manage your assets during your lifetime, but it is essential to ensure that you set up wills so that your loved ones are not placed in a difficult position once you are gone. We will also able to help manage the administration of the estate of a departed client to enable a smooth transition of the estate from the deceased to the beneficiaries.

Expertise In

We can advise on all areas relating to Trusts, Wills and Estates, including:

Asset Protection Planning
Charitable Trusts
Enduring Powers of Attorney
Estate Administration
Estate Planning
Wills Preparation
Trusts for Special Purposes