Entertainment & Media

Alex is a practising media and entertainment lawyer who is also a screen/stage director and producer and therefore, he brings a personal, comprehensive and practical understanding of the screen and stage industries to his legal practice.

He understands and is knowledgeable about the film productions, relationships with funders/sales agent/festivals and markets. He is able to assist you with impact producing your film.

Alex possesses unrivalled knowledge of the documentary production and international market place in New Zealand.

He has extensive contacts within the screen sectors in Asia, Middle East, USA, Europe and Australia. We have good relationships with and understand how the NZ Film Commission, Creative New Zealand, local broadcasters, production companies and the various guilds. He also understands the coproduction market and can provide co-production advice and support.

Media Services We Provide

  • 1. Cast and Crew Contracts

  • 3. Releases

  • 5. Financing and Funding Agreements

  • 7. New and Emerging Media Rights

  • 9. Distribution and Sales Contracts

  • 11. Occupational Health and Safety Laws and Strategies

  • 13. Production Requirements

  • 2. Writers Contract

  • 4. Options

  • 6. Defamation and Libel

  • 8. Moral Rights

  • 10. Co-production Contracts

  • 12. Immigration and Customs Issues

  • 14. Location Issues