You want to legally reside, work or study in New Zealand. But you have not bene able to secure the visa to do so. Frustrated?  At wit’s end?

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A decision to immigrate is not taken lightly and we are on hand to provide you with professional expert advice and help with your immigration applications.

Our team members have previously been on the Board of Directors of New Zealand Association and Migration Investment Inc. with a combined total 45 years in immigration.

We act with integrity, sensitivity and knowledge to ensure your case is handled properly.

Our success covers all categories of visas and we have successfully appealed cases wrongly assessed by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

We have a strong record of successfully helping in difficult and unusual cases.

Our work includes general and business immigrants and we also work in cases involving family reunions, work and study visas/permits and humanitarian. Our team can also help with your citizenship applications.

The 2021 Residency Visa

The Government has introduced the 2021 Resident Visa.

An anticipated 165,000 permanent resident visas will be available for qualifying applicants to seek.

Applicants must:

  • have been in New Zealand on 29 September 2021, and
    be on an eligible visa or have applied for an eligible visa before 29 September 2021 that is later granted.

In addition applicants must also meet one of f the following criteria:

  • have lived in New Zealand for three or more years, or
  • earn at or above the median wage ($27 per hour), or
  • work in a role on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, or
    hold occupational registration and work in the health or education sector, or
    work in personal care or other critical health worker roles, or
    work in a specified role in the primary industries; or
    critical workers, and their families, for roles six months or longer until 31 July 2022.

Key dates and key points:

  • Applicants must meet requirements on 29 September 2021.

Phase 1 applications can be submitted from 1 December 2021 if you have submitted:
a. A SMC RV application; OR
b. A Residence From Work application; OR
c. An SMC Expression of EOI which included a dependent child aged 17 years or older.

Phase 2 applications can be submitted from 1 March 2022 for all other eligible applicants.

These will be online applications.

All applications must be submitted by 31 July 2022. Contact us at


Expertise Services

  • Visitor's visa and permit for business people who wish to come to New Zealand for short term consultation.

  • Work visa and permit for people who are required by their employers to take up employment in New Zealand.

  • Transfer of employees by multinational groups for secondment to New Zealand.

  • Work visa and permit for people with skills which are in short supply in New Zealand.

  • New Zealand employers who wish to recruit staff from overseas for hard-to-fill positions.

  • Overseas people who come to New Zealand for on-the-job training and other short term attachment.

  • Sports coaches and players who come to take up professional employment.

  • Entertainers, performing artists, film and video production groups who come for specific events or assignments.

  • Business people who wish to set up a business in New Zealand.

  • Spouse and children who wish to accompany their partner or parents to New Zealand and for the children, to attend schools in New Zealand.

  • People who wish to remain in New Zealand beyond the maximum period allowed under the temporary work permit policy.